Forestville Project Update

Marquette, MI – The Forestville team is proud to announce recent forward progress in the form of unanimous affirming votes from Marquette Township and the City of Marquette to enter a Public Act (PA) 425 agreement. This agreement allows project plans that span the two municipalities to move through Marquette Township Zoning only and provides the City of Marquette new tax base at no cost to the taxpayers.

A PA 425 agreement is a useful economic development tool used throughout the state of Michigan to streamline the zoning process and create a mutually beneficial sharing of services and taxes between adjoining municipalities.

We’re very thankful to the Marquette Township and City of Marquette for working with us to develop a long-term zoning plan that creates a win-win-win for the residents of both municipalities and future residents of the Forestville community. With this agreement in place, the Forestville team will continue to work with Marquette Township Zoning on our project plans and looking forward to unveiling our unique “forest to home” designs and amenities in the coming months.

Meanwhile, you can read more about how Longyear will prioritize locally sourced and carbon friendly materials to build Forestville homes.