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forestville residential project

Currently under development and targeted for 2024 opening.

Forestville will provide ideally situated, thoughtfully designed residential opportunities for a wide variety of buyers in the Marquette, Michigan area. The Forestville neighborhood will embrace the surrounding premier trail network and provide outdoor-active residents with immediate access to adjacent public trails and waterways. Forestville is inspired by the people who value our natural surroundings and enjoy abundant outdoor activities in all four seasons. 

home is your trailhead

A diversity of home types carefully positioned to provide privacy and a sense of oneness with nature, which will promote a feeling of belonging to a community. People will live more comfortable, healthier, and happier lives in Forestville.

forestville q&a

Planning for Forestville has been in development since early 2021. During interactions with County, Township and Marquette City leaders and Noquemanon Trail Officials and other stakeholders, common questions have arisen that we want to share with the community. Longyear looks forward to continued community interaction and partnership.

Will residents and visitors still be able to access the Noquemanon Trail Network (NTN)?

Yes! Longyear has owned the Forestville trails land for more than 125 years. The NTN will remain fully accessible for recreation now and for future generations. Longyear will continue to partner with NTN to support trail development and maintenance.

Forestville will be thoughtfully designed to reflect the character of the landscape. The development is planned to sit adjacent to the existing trails to provide seamless access for residents. Most public access points to the trails will be unaffected.  

Does Longyear have plans to clear cut the mature trees on the Forestville property? How much will be preserved as green space?

Green space is a very important part of this project. Longyear’s priority is to preserve 50% of the property as green space. It will be documented through the various homeowners associations as a “non-developable” area.

Longyear will not perform any unnecessary clear cutting along the shoreline of the basin. We are committing to ample setbacks from the water’s edge in order to create a substantial natural area.


What is Longyear doing to make sure there is minimal environmental impact as a result of this development?

Longyear is collaborating with a trusted civil engineering firm to design stormwater management and grading systems that will cause the least amount of environmental impact to the site. The engineers are working within the existing landscape to avoid wetland and stream impact.

Does Marquette really need additional housing and neighborhoods?

Marquette County’s population has been declining at least since the 2010 census. Independent studies conducted by InvestUP and Michigan Tech both found that lack of available housing is a major reason why residents leave the UP. Companies also report lack of housing as a barrier to keeping and attracting workers.

Forestville helps to solve a major housing crisis by filling the gap for much-needed  housing. It will help keep residents in Marquette AND attract new ones.

Will Forestville homes be sold as Airbnb properties and vacation homes?

First and foremost, the Forestville neighborhood is being designed and developed to retain and attract full-time residents who want to work and live in Marquette.

Longyear will follow all local ordinances on short term rentals and will continue to do what’s in the best interest of the community and population growth.

How will Forestville help the local economy?

Forestville is a proud company within Longyear Corporation. Longyear is an entrepreneurial asset management company, based in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, with a 150-year track record of embracing opportunity and growing long-term value. Longyear’s current family of high-performing businesses are located across the Upper Peninsula, including Able Medical Devices, JML Forestry and Northern Hardwoods. Collectively, these companies support 230 direct jobs and the company’s mission to create long-term value and stability.

Forestville joins this group of companies with this same mission. This project will have a direct positive economic impact on area residents. During the estimated five years it will take Longyear to complete the Forestville project, we will create family sustaining jobs and provide a new substantial tax base within Marquette Township.

How much will the Forestville residences cost?

Because we’re still in the early planning stages and are currently completing due diligence, specific resident price points are not yet available. Final pricing will be impacted by building costs, labor availability, and amenities.

How will the Forestville development impact traffic?

As part of the due diligence process to vet the project’s potential, Longyear has been working with county and township officials to get ahead of these issues. We have invested in a traffic impact study to identify entry locations into the development during construction and beyond.

Longyear will continue to pursue ways to accommodate population growth and minimize the impact surrounding the Forestville development and the Marquette area as a whole. Longyear will cooperate with the Marquette County Road Commission and Marquette Township on any approved plans that will help accommodate growth in the area.

Will Forestville be adding a new boat access point that will increase waterway traffic in the Basin?

This waterway is governed by the State of Michigan and has an existing access point that is already open to the public. Longyear will encourage responsible use and enjoyment by prospective homeowners of Dead River basin and reservoir.